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Joel Kefali has made music videos for everyone from Lorde to Katy Perry, and scored a run of awards in the process. Kefali began directing music videos during a seven year partnership with Campbell Hooper, under the moniker Special Problems. Beginning in 2007 the duo created distinctive videos for The Mint Chicks, Kimbra, Gin Wigmore and The Naked and Famous, before expanding into shorts and commercials — including an eye-opening HP advert featuring American singer Alicia Keys. Kefali's video for Lorde's first single 'Royals' has been watched online more than 680 million times.

It was a video that they created for Australian artist, Jonathan Boulet, that resulted in Kanye West tweeting: ‘Please watch this it’s f##king amazing.’ Writer Gareth Shute on the Special Problems team - NZ Musician, 2013, Volume 17, No 4