Keith Hill's creative energies spread further than most. The award-winning author and founder of Rattle Records and spiritually-based company Attar Books has contributed to films variously as a cameraman, editor and producer. His CV as a director also ranges widely: from experimental work to drama, to documentary (2012 New Zealand International Film Festival title Persuading the Baby to Float). Hill made his feature debut in 2002, with acclaimed romance This is Not a Love Story. Hill's screenplay won an award at United States festival Dances with Films, and was nominated at the 2003 New Zealand Film Awards. 

... a writer-director-editor of considerable talent, equally strong on camera placement, pacing, language and character detail, all of it suggesting more good things to come. Robert Koehler on Keith Hill, in a Variety review of feature This is Not a Love Story, 28 July 2002

Michael Houstoun: New Zealand Pianist

2012, Director, Producer, Editor

Persuading the Baby to Float

2012, Director, Producer, Editor - Film

This Appearing World

2011, Director, Producer, Editor, Camera - Film

Hidden Apartheid: A Report on Caste Discrimination

2010, Writer, Editor - Film

Kōrero Mai - Series Five, Episode One

2007, Editor - Television

Kōrero Mai used a soap opera (Ākina) as a platform to teach conversational te reo Māori. In this fifth season opening episode, Tini (Stephanie Martin) and Quinn (Kawariki Morgan) deal with the aftermath of the previous season's climactic car crash. Presenter Piripi Taylor introduces phrases like 'Ana e tā' (yeah man!). This season of the award-winning Māori TV show had 120 episodes, screening from Monday to Wednesday, then repeated. The directors are actors Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider) and Rachel House (Hunt for the Wilderpeople), and cinematographer Simon Raby.

Armageddon Redux

2006, Director, Editor, Camera, Producer, Writer - Short Film

No Ordinary Sun

2004, Producer - Short Film

Set in Antarctica (and partly shot there), the science fiction tale sees a researcher (Crawford Thomson) dealing with unsettling events — traumatic personal news, isolation, disquieting “anomalous electrical readings”, and warping time. As newsreader John Campbell says in an intercepted transmission: “the speed of light is changing. Well, what does that mean?”. The title is from Hone Tuwhare’s anti-nuclear themed poem of the same name, but the film was inspired by Pat Rushin short story Speed of Light. It was an official selection at Edinburgh Film Festival.

Playing a Role

2003, Writer, Producer, Editor - Short Film

Te Hekenga-ā-Rangi

2003, Producer, Director, Editor - Short Film

Te Taonga Pūoro

2003, Producer, Director, Editor - Short Film

From Where I'm Standing

2003, Producer - Short Film

In this short a wandering flock of geese find harbour in a rainy day puddle. They give delight to Juliet, staring out the window of her state house until her axe-wielding neighbour approaches the birds with less sanguine intentions. She’s unimpressed when boyfriend Martin doesn’t act in order to avoid confrontation. When a family arrives looking for their pets, the neighbour shrugs off the enquiries, and it’s up to Martin to prove himself. Adapted from a story by Jo Sole, the Annalise Patterson-directed short was invited to Venice and Hof film festivals.

This is Not a Love Story

2002, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer - Film


2001, Producer - Short Film

A group of skylarking young boys are out canvassing the neighbourhood at the same time as an elderly woman is losing the will to live. An unlocked front door presents an opportunity for the youths to rampage, unaware that anyone is home. The different energies of youth and old age are set on a collision course for tragedy in this confronting short film from writer-director Gregory King. Junk won gongs at the 2001 NZ Film Awards for best short and for John Chrisstoffels' cinematography. King has gone on to make features Christmas (2004) and A Song of Good (2008).


2001, Producer, Editor - Short Film

Naya Zamana

1996, Editor - Short Film

The Good Neighbour

1995, Director, Editor, Producer - Short Film

A Bitter Song

1990, Camera, Editor - Short Film

The Music of Gitbox Rebellion

1990, Director, Editor, Camera, Producer - Short Film


1989, Camera, Editor - Short Film

Where Fairburn Walked

1989, Director, Producer, Camera, Editor - Short Film

The Story of an Uneasy Man

1987, Producer, Editor, Writer, Director - Short Film