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Matt Murphy

Director, Art Director

After lugging lighting equipment around the set of Goodbye Pork Pie as a teenager, a career in filmmaking was surely on the cards for Matt Murphy. After working as an art director on features, TV dramas and commercials in his 20s including decade-spanning miniseries Bread & Roses — Murphy began directing commercials himself in 1995. Since then he has scored a long line of advertising awards, and worked everywhere from Bangkok to the United States. In 2017 he directed his debut feature Pork Pie, a remake of his father Geoff Murphy’s legendary road movie Goodbye Pork Pie (1981).

From working on Dad’s original film as a kid, to now gearing up to direct the 2016 version, it’s incredible to have come full circle with this story and the Blondini gang ... I can't wait to get shooting. Matt Murphy, on directing the reboot of Goodbye Pork Pie, in a March 2016 press release