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Mick Innes


Actor Mick Innes made a long career out of character roles — often playing eccentrics or salt of the earth types. En route, he had ongoing parts in some of Aotearoa's quirkier television comedies, including Super City, estranged brothers tale Sunny Skies, and Hounds, in which he played occasionally inebriated dog trainer Marty. In kids series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends, he was supervillain The Comedian. Christchurch-born Innes began acting in 1983 during a long stay in Australia. In 2013 he survived a heart attack without realising it, while performing his solo theatre show Zen Dog. Innes died on 12 December 2020; he was 67.   

He just fell into acting; he never went to acting school, and he's seldom been out of work, even if he doesn't get the big part. Writer Michele Hewitson on Mick Innes, The NZ Herald, 9 November 2013