Having acted since he was a teen — including an early role on TV series P.E.T. Detectives — Milo Cawthorne went on to starring roles in WWI mini-series When We Go To War and 2015 splatter comedy Deathgasm. Premiering at American festival South by Southwest, Deathgasm received rave reviews, and Cawthorne was nominated for Best Actor at the 2017 Moa Film Awards. He also starred in American feature Blood Punch and has worked on an extensive list of shorts in New Zealand and the United States.

This guy came up to me after the third screening and said he's seen it all three times. I just smiled and said, "thanks, but you didn't really have a choice, I drove you here Dad". No, but seriously, a dude came to see it twice and he was not a blood relative, or even an acquaintance! Milo Cawthorne on the success of Deathgasm, in an interview for website Stuff, 23 April 2015

Fresh Eggs

2019, As: Milo - Television

Mega Time Squad

2018, As: Damage - Film

John (Anton Tennet) is a small town crim with a big time dream: to abscond from Thames to Paeroa with his boss’s sister. A robbery gone wrong and a mysterious Chinese bracelet send his plans into a spin, and he finds that going back to the future has a price. Hong Kong action movies, Kiwi slapstick and time travel head to the heartland in Tim van Dammen’s follow-up to Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song. Jonathan Brugh (What We Do in the Shadows) plays the villain; Milo Cawthorne and Yoson An are also in the cast. Mega Time Squad was selected for the Fantasia festival in Montreal.

Human Traces

2017, As: Milo - Film

Director Nic Gorman won best short at the 2013 NZ Film Awards for zombie tale Here Be Monsters. With his first feature he shifts horror genres to the psychological thriller, as a mysterious new arrival (Vinnie Bennett) disturbs subantarctic island life for a husband and wife scientist team (Fantail's Sophie Henderson and Siege's Mark Mitchinson). Human Traces debuted at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival. NZ Herald reviewer George Fenwick praised the "stunning cinematography" and "impressive performances", arguing they helped produce a "fine debut" for Gorman.

Shout at the Ground

2016, As: James - Short Film


2015, As: Brodie - Film

Designed to provide viewers with a “perfect storm” of gore, guitars, girls and comedy, Deathgasm is the tale of a two young heavy metallers who accidentally summon up a demon. Blazing a bloody trail at festivals across the US, the film was born from the Make My Movie Project. Four hundred pitches for a low budget Kiwi horror movie led ultimately to one winner, a tale inspired by the metal and movie-mad youth of digital effects man turned director Jason Lei Howden. After debuting at US festival SXSW, Deathgasm won enthusiastic reviews and festival slots in Sydney and NZ.


2015, As: Babe Barista - Short Film


2015, As: Francis - Short Film

Ash vs Evil Dead

2015 - 2016, As: Delmont - Television

When We Go to War

2015, As: Harry Smith - Television

This miniseries was made for the centenary of New Zealand’s involvement in the Gallipoli campaign. Created by Gavin Strawhan and Briar Grace-Smith, the six one hour episodes explored the impact of World War l on characters connected to a Pākehā family. Each episode was framed around a letter written home. The characters include a nurse and doctor caring for wounded in Egypt, a lawyer turned officer in Gallipoli and his wayward brother, and a Māori preacher turned soldier and his sister. Directed for TVNZ by Peter Burger, the series was produced by Robin Scholes. 

Jiwi's Machines

2015, As: Rupert Schwinn - Web

When We Go to War - First Episode (excerpt)

2015, As: Harry Smith - Television

This miniseries is built around the fortunes of the fictional Smith family during World War l. Directed by Peter Burger (Until Proven Innocent), the first episode is framed around a letter home by nurse Bea Smith (played by Westside's Esther Stephens). This 10 minute opening excerpt jumps from a war hospital in Egypt, back to trysts on the home front: an illicit romance at medical school, high times on Auckland's Grey Street, and a mysterious arrival at the family store. Funded by NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund, When We Go to War debuted on Anzac weekend in 2015. 

Dancing in Small Spaces

2014 - 2015, Actor, Camera - Web


2013, As: Sam Gumball - Short Film

Blood Punch

2013, As: Milton - Film

I Love L.A.

2013, As: Teddy - Short Film


2012, As: Dale - Short Film

Mae and Ash

2012, As: Ash - Short Film

Underbelly NZ - Land of the Long Green Cloud

2011, As: Jimmy Smith - Television

Sweet As (short film)

2010, As: Sean - Short Film

Long ago a beloved NZ tourism advertisement revolved around a globe-trotting Kiwi who made the mistake of leaving town without seeing his country. This tourism-themed short is a variation on the theme. Veterans Kate Harcourt and Helen Moulder play speed-crazed neighbours, whose competitive spirit stretches to comparisons of the extent of their grandsons' travels. Directed by Australian Aya Tanimura, Sweet As nabbed the People's Choice award in Your Big Break, an international contest run by Tourism New Zealand to promote Aotearoa's scenery.

Power Rangers R.P.M.

2009, As: Ziggy Grover/Green Shark RPM Power Ranger

Maddigan's Quest

2005, As: Bolek - Television

This children's post-apocalyptic fantasy series follows a circus troupe, Maddigan's Fantasia on their quest to save the world's only remaining city, Solis. The show was created by children's writer Margaret Mahy, developed for television by writers Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang for South Pacific Pictures, who produced the 13 x 30min series for TV3. Award-winning and successfully exported, it marked a debut lead performance from Rose McIver (future Tinker Bell in US TV show Once Upon a Time) acting with Michael Hurst, Peter Daube, Tim Balme and Danielle Cormack. 


2004, As: Moses - Film

Tis the season to be toxic in this "distinctly Kiwi take on the f***ed up whanau" (Chris Knox, Real Groove). Broke, depressed oldest son Keri arrives home to face up to a suburban Christmas countdown and two messed up sisters, a gay brother, drunk kids, and narcoleptic parents. Director Gregory King wrests bleak comedy and holiday horrors from the tokes, tinsel and frequent toilet visits. The raw realism of his debut feature saw it selected for Toronto, Locarno, Edinburgh, and Melbourne festivals. It won best digital film and script at the 2003 NZ Film Awards.  

Secret Agent Men

2003, As: DJ - Television

P.E.T. Detectives

2003, As: Evan - Television