Paul Oremland began directing a run of documentaries — and two feature films — during almost three decades based in London. Since returning home to New Zealand in 2009, he has continued to work as an editor and director, including on his 2017 autobiographical documentary 100 Men.

I'm constantly trying to explore new territory. Paul Oremland, in a 25 January 2005 interview with NZ News UK

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100 Men

2017, Director, Subject - Film

With his third feature, director Paul Oremland is also one of the subjects. Oremland’s quest is to track down 100 men that he’s met through sex over 40 years, taking him on a global journey from Raglan to London. Through interviews and personal reflection he charts changing attitudes to gay experience: exploring sex, joy, AIDS, friendship, and the value of monogamy versus polyamory. After debuting at American LGBTQ festival Frameline, 100 Men screened at the 2017 New Zealand International Film Festival. 

Loving in Limbo

2016, Editor, Post-Production Director - Film

The Lion Queen

2015, Writer, Editor - Television

Starting Over: One Year On

2014, Director - Television

For Your Tomorrow

2011, Editor - Film

The Nutters Club

2013, Editor - Television

The Nutters Club (Martin Crowe Episode)

2010, Offline Editor - Television


2007, Director - Film

Shantytown Shakespeare

2006, Editor - Film

The 60s: The Beatles Decade

2006, Director, Series Producer - Television

1945: The Year that Changed the World

2005, Director, Editor - Television

Sex, Lies and Darwin

2004, Director, Editor - Television

Great Political Mistakes

2003, Director, Editor - Television


2001 - 2003, Director, Producer - Television

The Big OE

2000, Director

Pulled Along By Love

1999, Director - Music video

Like it is

1998, Director, Original Story - Film

Absolutely Delicious

1994, Director - Television

Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon

1993, Director - Television

The Final Frame

1990, Director - Television

A Boy Called Mary

1986, Director - Television

Ace of Hearts - Tall Dark Stranger

1986, Director - Television

Andy the Furniture Maker

1986, Director - Television

Tides of Laughter

1986, Director - Television

If They'd Asked for a Lion Tamer

1984, Director - Television