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Actor and acting coach Perry Piercy's first notable screen role was as the mysterious Mary Carmichael in 1984 ghost story Mr Wrong. Her 1980s TV credits include female forward series The Marching Girls and sci-fi show Night of the Red Hunter. In 1988 she co-starred in Melanie Rodriga caper Send a Gorilla. The screenplay was inspired by her time working as a singing telegram. In 2000 she played bogan mum Louise Savage in Westie feature Savage Honeymoon, then co-starred in acclaimed short film Redial. These days Piercy is also a trained voice and dialect coach; her credits include 2020 TVNZ/BBC period drama The Luminaries.

For me on set it was 'how can I give the most succinct and useful note to the actor without disrupting their process or getting up the director's nose?' Perry Piercy on her dialect work for 2020 drama series The Luminaries, Radio New Zealand, 7 June 2020