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Rhys Darby

Actor, Comedian

Seasoned stand-up comedian Rhys Darby played an inept band manager on cult hit Flight of the Conchords. It proved a springboard to wider fame. After acting in movies on both sides of the Atlantic, Darby starred in Kiwi rom com Love Birds. 2014 saw the debut of Darby's comedy show Short Poppies. He went on to act in the 2017 remake of Jumanji, and cameoed in local hit Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

I've had quite a few emails from people asking me where I'm really from, and complimenting us on inventing such a funny accent. They say it's great that you've made up this paradise place. Perhaps we should refuse to believe in California as payback. Rhys Darby, talking Flight of the Conchords with writer Grant Smithies, The Sunday Star-Times, 1 January 2009