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Roy Snow


Roy Snow's long stage career has been punctuated by a number of on-screen roles. Snow got his TV break in 2000 when he began a three year stint on Shortland Street, as nurse Matt McAllister. At one point the character famously delivered a baby for his on/off partner, nurse Toni Warner (Laura Hill). Snow went on to play a lawyer in TV's Orange Roughies, and starred as a superhero with a lightbulb on his head in low-budget comedy Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet. He has also acted on Go Girls (as boyfriend of Bronwyn Turei's character), and starred in shorts Serve and Deliver and Breakery.

Lots of little things make what I do incredible; playing, pretending, the hum of an audience, amazing creative people, camaraderie and the joy of doing something I’m super passionate about. Roy Snow on what attracted him to acting, Metropol website, 22 October 2019