By 2001 Russell Crowe was an international star, thanks to award-winning performances in The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind. Born in New Zealand and raised on both sides of the Tasman, the Oscar winner continues to act in feature films, and in 2014 made his movie directing debut with Aussie hit The Water Diviner. Once known as Auckland singer Russ le Roq, Crowe also sings in band The Ordinary Fear of God.

Physically I got damaged quite a bit. But if I’m gonna give as many 100 per cent shots as Ridley (Scott) can use, then I’ve got to get involved. I’ve got to get in the middle of it. Russell Crowe on making Gladiator, in a June 2000 Film Review article

Boy Erased

2018, As: Marshall Eamons - Film

The Nice Guys

2016, As: Jackson Healy - Film

Fathers and Daughters

2015, As: Jake Davis - Film

The Water Diviner

2014, As: Connor, Director - Film


2013, As: Noah, As: Jor-El - Film

Broken City

2013, As: Mayor Hostetler - Film

Les Miserables

2012, As: Javert - Film

The Man with the Iron Fists

2012, As: Jack Knife - Film

Robin Hood

2010, As: Robin Longstride, Producer - Film

The Next Three Days

2010, Actor - Film

State of Play

2009, As: Cal McAffrey - Film


2009, As: Lietenant Cristofuoro - Film

Body of Lies

2008, As: Ed Hoffman - Film

3.10 to Yuma

2007, As: Ben Wade - Film

American Gangster

2007, As: Richie Roberts - Film

Bra Boys

2007, Narrator - Film

Sanctuary (documentary)

2006, Subject - Film

A Good Year

2006, As: Max Skinner - Film

Holmes (Prime Television) - Russell and Martin Crowe interview

2006, Subject - Television

In this May 2006 interview, Paul Holmes interviews actor Russell Crowe for Holmes' new Prime TV show. After 25 minutes Russell is joined by his cousin, cricket legend Martin Crowe. Free from PR pressures to promote a particular film, Russell is relaxed and reflective. He talks organic farming, Elvis Costello and fatherhood, the All Blacks and Richard Harris, and growing up as “Martin Crowe’s cousin”. Holmes brings up Martin’s famous innings of 299, and the trio discuss baseball, throwing phones, Romper Stomper, Russell's Rabbitohs league club and Martin’s Gladiator role. 

Cinderella Man

2005, As: Jim Braddock - Film

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

2003, As: Captain Jack Aubrey - Film

60 Odd Hours in Italy

2002, Director, Subject - Short Film


2002, Director, Producer, Subject - Film

Friends Then, Friends Now

2002, Subject - Television

A Beautiful Mind

2001, As: John Nash - Film


2000, As: Maximus - Television

Proof of Life

2000, As: Terry Thorne - Film

Mystery, Alaska

1999, As: John Biebe - Film

The Insider

1999, As: Jeffrey Wigan - Film

Living with the Law

1998, As: Gary Harding - Television

L.A. Confidential

1997, As: Wendell ‘Bud’ White - Film

Rough Magic

1995, As: Alex Ross - Film

The Quick and the Dead

1995, As: Cort - Film


1995, As: SID 6.7 - Film

The Sum of Us

1994, As: Jeff Mitchell - Film

For the Moment

1993, As: Lachlan - Film

Hammers over the Anvil

1993, As: East Driscoll - Film

The Silver Brumby

1993, As: The Man - Film

Romper Stomper

1992, As: Hando - Film


1992, As: Kim Barry - Film


1991, As: Andy - Film

Brides of Christ

1991, As: Dominic Maloney - Television

The Crossing

1988, As: Johnny - Film


1987, As: Kenny Larkin - Television

Shazam! - 26 November 1985 (featuring Russell Crowe)

1985, Subject - Television

On this mid-80s youth music show, a fresh faced Russell Crowe is the star turn in his early persona as Russ le Roq (the name change to avoid comparisons with his famous cricketing cousins Martin and Jeff). With a hint of an Elvis sneer, Crowe performs 'What's The Difference' with his band Roman Antix, and is interviewed by presenter Phillipa Dann. Lounge jazz act Wentworth Brewster & Co and Hamilton funk rockers Echoes also feature; and Pat and Margaret Urlich from Peking Man talk about their latest single 'Room That Echoes' and its distinctive video.

Radio with Pictures - North Island Music

1984, Subject - Television

Roving reporter Simon Morris talks to music movers and shakers in this special report from the 1980s cult music rock show. Auckland is on the cusp of the club boom and live music is waning. A youthful club promoter Russ Le Roq (aka Russell Crowe) flies the flag for the kids, Colin Hogg is unimpressed and a fresh faced Graeme Humphreys (aka Graeme Hill) fronts the Able Tasmans. Meanwhile, local acts are in short supply in Wellington. The live scene is healthier but radio certainly isn’t. The Pelicans (with a young Nick Bollinger) and Strikemaster perform.


1972, As: Orphan - Television