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Shae Sterling boasts an eclectic resume — as a musician, record label founder, and director of music videos, documentaries and movies. Sterling was behind a long run of music videos for artists such as Stan Walker, Brooke Fraser, Scribe and TLC's T-Boz. He also directed on successful performance car DVD series High Octane. In 2000 Sterling's track 'Liferider' — recorded under the name The Sagittarian — became the most-downloaded dance track in Australasia that year. In 2018 Sterling released his first feature film, Alien Addiction, which he also financed. He described it as an "absurd, sci-fi comedy".

Self-financing was hard because there's not much money in music videos. So I would bust my balls making three or four music videos in five or six weeks or something. Mental stuff. And whatever profits I had I'd put back into the movie. Shae Sterling, on self-funding his first feature film Alien Addiction, The NZ Herald, 8 November 2018