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Karma Killer

The Sagittarian , Music Video – 2007

from the album Illumination (2010)

Coming on like a 1970s exploitation film, this video sees The Sagittarian (aka Shae Sterling) pounding the streets of Bangkok in a white suit and sunglasses. While on the hunt for a mysterious quarry, he encounters guns, breakdancing monks and some spectacular scenery. Fellow musician and filmmaker Mikey Rockwell, who features on the track, adds a touch of comedy in the finale. The video won a Knack Award at the 2007 Kodak Fringe Awards. After Sterling starred in this, he went on to direct videos for many other musicians, including Stan Walker and Maisey Rika.  

We shot this on holiday. The medallion idea was dreamt up at 2am (five hours before the boat ride out to the island). We went to the local market and cut up a medallion in the shape of the island.
– Shae Sterling, February 2009

Key Cast & Crew

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Anastassia Smirnova

Director, Camera

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Shae Sterling

Producer, Editor, Writer

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Grant Hyndman