Funny Business - Excerpts

Television, 1988–1991 (Excerpts)

A selection of sketches from this award-winning skit based comedy series featuring Willy de Wit, Ian Harcourt, Peter Murphy and Dean Butler (with occasional animation by Chris Knox). The Hoons display their all of their charm and tact at the beach — but cruising for action (in a car truly worthy of them) results in a heated confrontation with one of their rivals. The classic Norman the Mormon also features, alternative Dunedin bands of the 1980s are lampooned and Lucy Lawless makes her TV debut in an ad spoof that anticipates her future role in Spartacus.


Funny Business

Television, 1988–1991

Funny Business (Ian Harcourt, Dean Butler, Willy de Wit and Peter Murphy) emerged out of the Auckland comedy scene in 1985, taking some of their cues from mid-80s UK shows like The Young Ones. An association with producer/director Tony Holden and writer James Griffin led to a series for TVNZ in 1988 which won three TV Awards. A second series made in 1989 screened in 1991. Avoiding topical satire, they specialised in character based skits and music parodies — and hoons, buying lounge suites and mormons on bicycles would never be quite the same again.


Trouble Is My Business

Film, 2008 (Trailer)

Juliette Veber's observational documentary tells the story of Gary Peach, a teacher in charge of discipline at South Auckland's Aorere College. "Peachy" has unorthodox methods (a loud hailer to wrangle truants) but his genuine commitment to the mainly Māori and Pacific Island kids is provoking and affecting. Filmed over six months on the trail of Peach's beat, the film received applause at 2008 NZ Film Festival screenings and made many annual 'best of' lists. The NZ Herald called it a: "very moving report from education's frontline ... a compelling watch".


Sione's 2 - Unfinished Business

Film, 2012 (Trailer and Extras)

In the five years since Sione's Wedding, the Duckrocker quartet have experienced marriage, children, Australians and the good lord. Then their minister reunites them on a quest to find Bolo (Dave Fane) — once their driver and conscience, now MIA. The sequel to the break-through PI-Kiwi hit reunites the original cast, and adds in a dodgy minister (Kirk Torrance) and a new director (Outrageous Fortune's Simon Bennett). On the burden of following Wedding, Stuff.co.nz reviewer Steve Kilgallon adjudged: "seen on its own merits, it [Sione's 2] proves worth the wait".


The Mighty Mullet

Curated by the NZ On Screen team . 14 Items

Bogans and fashionistas continue to mull over when exactly the word ‘mullet’ was first applied to the short at the front and sides, long at the back hairstyle. Did it start with fashionable 1970s Frenchman Henri Mollet, or was it the Beastie Boys, with their 1994 song ‘Mullet Head’? The question ...


School of Rock

Curated by the NZ On Screen team . 5 Items

Young Kiwi singer Lorde is all over the news these days as her international career continues to soar. But Lorde is not the only NZ musician to have started in the music business at a very early age. This Spotlight collection features school days footage of Lorde and Kimbra, as well as the Hume B...


Bogan's Heroes

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In the UK they’re ‘chavs’, in the US they’re ‘white trash’, but downunder the species is called ‘bogan’. The term entered the OED in 2012 and the dirty deeds of the tatted, mulleted, motorhead and metaller have inspired a number of creative works. This Spotlight collection shines the V8 headlight...


James Griffin - Top Five

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Screenwriter James Griffin (Sione’s Wedding, co-creator of Outrageous Fortune,) is especially well placed to make picks for NZ On Screen’s Top Five series, with credits stretching from Gloss to Almighty Johnsons. Griffin’s choice cinq ranges from sitcom Buck House (“the thing that made me want to...


Shona Laing - Venerable Tui

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Pioneering singer-songwriter Shona Laing was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in 2013. Her four decades in the music business began in 1972 when the 17-year-old won notice on TV talent show New Faces, with ‘1905’. Check out the forerunner for Lorde and Kimbra performing that song,...

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Top 10 NZ Comedy Series

Curated by NZ On Screen team

Every now and then here at NZ On Screen, we like to stick our necks out and choose a Top 10. And our collective opinion is that these are the funniest New Zealand television series to date: from bro' Town to Billy T, from Gliding On to the tag team hijinks of 7 Days. Plus 10 runners-up that we couldn't agree on. Read on to find out more.