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Te Reo Music on the Airwaves

In 1991 Moana and the Moahunters mixed house beats with a lyrical plea for the importance of preserving the Māori language. It was not the first time te reo had been heard on Aotearoa New Zealand’s airwaves. This Spotlight collects together classic songs which are wholly or partially in Māori: from 1981 Deane Waretini chart-topper 'The Bridge' to songs from Waiata/Anthems in 2022. Which is not to forget (and who would want to?) 'Poi E' taking over Patea, Prince Tui Teka and his wife Missy doing 'E Ipo', Howard Morrison’s version of 'How Great Thou Art', and a documentary showcasing the iconic  'Pokarekare Ana'. 


Music Video, 1991 (Soul, Te Reo)

Poi E

Music Video, 1984 (Pop, Te Reo)


Music Video, 2014 (Pop, Te Reo)

Pōkarekare Ana - A Māori Love Song

Television, 2002 (Documentary, NZ History, Te Reo, Music, Māori)

Ngoi Ngoi - performed by Pātea Māori Club

Television, 1992 (Te Reo, Music, Māori)

The Bridge

Music Video, 1981 (Easy Listening, NZ History, Te Reo)

E Ipo

Music Video, 1983 (Te Reo)

Sir Howard Morrison - Time of My Life

Television, 1995 (Variety, Documentary, Māori)

Kariri (feat. Tiki Taane)

Music Video, 2016 (NZ History, Te Reo)

Kua Makona

Music Video, 1987 (Pop, Te Reo)


Music Video, 2007 (Te Reo, Dance)

Maoris on 45

Music Video, 1982 (Easy Listening, Pop)


Music Video, 2016 (Rock, NZ History, Te Reo)

Tangaroa Whakamautai

Music Video, 2012 (Te Reo)

Kia U

Music Video, 1992 (Te Reo)

E Tū (Te Reo Māori Remix)

Music Video, 2004 (Hip Hop)

Nau Mai Rā

Television, 2017 (Te Reo)


Music Video, 2021 (Reggae, Te Reo)

Bathe in the River/Kōrukutia

Music Video, 2021 (Soul, Te Reo)

Fade Away/E Kore E Motu

Music Video, 2021 (Pop, Soul, Te Reo)


Music Video, 2021 (Pop, Hip Hop, Te Reo)

Ocean Moon/Hina Ki Tai

Music Video, 2021 (Pop, Te Reo)

There is No Time/Kāore He Wā

Music Video, 2021 (Te Reo)

Tukituki Te Manawa

Music Video, 2021 (Pop, Te Reo)

All We Need/Kia Arohatia Tātou

Music Video, 2022 (Pop, Reggae, Te Reo)

Family Tree/Tō Kātua Whānau

Music Video, 2022 (Pop, Te Reo)

Six Months in a Leaky Boat/Ono Marama Takerehāia

Music Video, 2022 (Pop, Te Reo)

Somebody/Whirinaki Mai

Music Video, 2022 (R&B, Pop, Te Reo)