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K' Road Stories - A Load of Trouble

Web (Full Length) – 2015

Kicking off in an inner city laundromat, this K' Rd Story travels strange places indeed. An unassuming man is going about the business of getting some clothes washed, when he realises that his clothes have disappeared mid cycle. Opening the washing machine, surprised by what he sees, he climbs in... Grant Lahood's pedigree in quirky, low or no dialogue short films dates back to the classic Snail's Pace in 1989. Peter Tait, who stars, played the hunter in Lahood's short The Singing Trophy — which scored an award at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

There is something very intriguing about laundromats; a space where strangers are forced to wait together while their personal clothing tumbles around for all to see, as well as the very cinematic backdrop of rows of identical washing machines and dryers.
– Writer/director Grant Lahood

Key Cast & Crew

Morgan Leigh Stewart

Executive Producer

Grant Lahood

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Peter Tait

As: The Man

Jackie Clarke

As: Op Shop boss

Kayleigh Haworth

As: Laundromat Woman

Willa Oliver

As: Op Shop worker

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Produced by

Tuesday Best


Tuesday Best