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K' Road Stories - Closed Web (Full Length) – 2015 Drama

K' Road Stories - Closed

Web (Full Length) – 2015 Drama

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A woman running an Auckland laundromat finds herself accosted by a drug addict. A frustrated customer struggles with a machine that is out of order and ruining her expensive clothes. Somewhere across the city police are on their way to a drug bust. However all is not what it seems on Karangahape Road, and the consequences look to be life altering. The three tales in this film were made as part of NZ On Air funded K’ Rd Stories, a collection of short films which all tell stories set around Auckland’s most legendary, notorious, and arguably most beloved street.

Key Cast & Crew

Petra Cibilich

Writer, Editor, Director

Kat Glass

As: Mel

Sarah Hart

As: Anna

We are representing a place that is culturally significant to so many New Zealanders — at a time that may in fact be the end of an era.
– K' Rd Stories Creative Director James Solomon