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Architect Athfield Film (Full Length) – 1977 Documentary

Architect Athfield

Film (Full Length) – 1977 Documentary

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And so, as a result of frustrations at home and the winning of a competition, Athfield finds himself in Manila. Perhaps here at least, ideas will be realised.
– Narrator
I suppose just the things that I enjoy doing. I suppose being with people, some sort of physical contact, drinking, laughing ... that's when you feel that it'd be quite nice to capture those moments again.
– Ian Athfield, on what he'd like in a film about him
His first bricks started to arrive and he got 15 truckloads of bricks but unfortunately we didn't check them before they left the site. First time I saw them was about the eighth truckload coming up Onslow Road here, and they were all in one lump... He spent the next 18 months to two years breaking these bricks apart.
– Ian Athfield, on a construction that didn't quite go according to plan