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Hero image for Aroha Bridge - Series Two

Aroha Bridge - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2016

Can you swarthy youths put a bloody sock in it? We're trying to watch your far more successful cousin on TV.
– Dad (Frankie Stevens) to Kōwhai and Monty, in episode two
Let's give these friendless losers with no taste a show of a lifetime.
– Kõwhai (Jessica Hansell), in episode one
White people putting a price on priceless artefacts — since when?
– Monty (Rizván Tu'itahi), in episode four
It funnels complex, brave and funny narratives from a throng of organic experiences and influences into a crockpot...
– Critic Miriama Aoake in a rave review of Aroha Bridge, The Pantograph Punch, 9 September 2019
Give me the remote! some of us are trying to abuse the facilities.
– Kōwhai (Jessica Hansell), in episode five
Aw, you're still doing your little music thing? You guys have got real chutzpah — I love that word, my friend Beyoncé uses it a lot.
– Cousin Angeline (Jessica Hansell) to Monty (Rizván Tu'itahi) and Kōwhai (also played by Jessica Hansell), in episode six