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Hero image for Asia Downunder - Shortland Street

Asia Downunder - Shortland Street

Television (Excerpts) – 2003

In this episode of the series focussing on Asian Kiwis, reporter Bernadine Lim talks to Dan Sing and Li-Ming Hu about pursuing acting over more stable careers. Both actors were core cast in soap Shortland Street in 2003; Sing played Dr Marvin Ho and Hu played “mean and cantankerous” medical student turned doctor Li Mei Chen (before joining the writing team). Sing chose acting over a predictable accounting career after his first film role. Hu has a Masters in history and understands the Chinese attitude of seeking 'security' for their children above all else, something an artistic career rarely provides.

As a child I had been hassled a lot at school about being Chinese and had wanted to be as European New Zealand as possible so for me...that would be like taking a step back...so I had a mental block about it. But then I had to do it and once I started doing it, it was OK, but I still do feel funny about it, more funny than say if I had to do an American accent.
– Chinese Kiwi actor Li Ming Hu on having to put on a Chinese accent for her role as a medical student in soap Shortland Street

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