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Hero image for Barry Brickell: Potter

Barry Brickell: Potter

Short Film (Full Length) – 1970

Paul Ward
Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team)
11 Apr 2013 - 01.22pm
@Andrew: there were no original compositions for this film (I can't tell you if the NFU Dave Jordan - who edited and wrote the commentary here - and the folk musician are the same person). FYI the music would've come off a generic disc of music for commercial use - the details of the music used are:

Composition Composer Publisher Number
Faux Fuyants M. Sodal Sylvester SMC/LP 504
Folk Guitar C. Vasori Sylvester SMC/LP 507
Street Vendors F. Phillips Audio BMP111
Cue Moods No.4 R. Fannon Chappell C888A
Main Theme F. Phillips Audio BMP111
Industrie Spatiale R. Hermel DeWolfe DWLP3030
Anti G. C. Vasori Sylvester SMC/LP 512
4 Apr 2013 - 05.23pm
Who played the music, please? Was it Dave Jordan, who also did the commentary, assuming that is Dave Jordan the folk musician?
Katie Tate
Katie Tate
6 May 2012 - 12.48pm
Wonderful to have this resource available to view. Thanks
Hannah McAndrew
Hannah McAndrew
2 Jun 2011 - 09.51am
Really pleased to see this on line. Another great pottery film, Thank you.
Albert Kreitmeyr
Albert Kreitmeyr
19 Feb 2011 - 11.57pm
Thank you so much for making this short film available.
I visited New Zealand in 1997 and by coincidence ran into Barry Brickell's Driving Creek Railway. I'll still remember him and his magic world there and admire him for his freedom.
I would like to go there once again but it's a long way from Germany.
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