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Film (Trailer) – 2017

This 2017 documentary is a personal portrait of Swiss-Kiwi goldsmith Kobi Bosshard. Regarded as a pioneer of contemporary New Zealand jewellery making, 78-year-old Kobi is the father of the film's co-director, Andrea Bosshard. Bosshard and Shane Loader (the duo behind award-winning movie The Great Maiden’s Blush) combine images of Kobi living and creating, with archival footage. As Kobi says, "the work we do comes out of the life we live, so we have to have a life to start with." Kobi premiered at the Wellington edition of the 2017 NZ International Film Festival.

Our film, we hope, articulates the notion that one's life is the context of one's work; that where we come from, how we live, what we eat, what we read – the combination of the fixed and voluntary elements of our lives – form the backdrop or canvas to all work.
– Co-Director Andrea Bosshard

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