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Hero image for Billy T James - A Daughter's Story

Billy T James - A Daughter's Story

Television (Full Length) – 1997

I still think Dad's death casts a shadow over his memory. I’d like to change that, to shift the emphasis away from what happened when he died, to the kind of life he lived.
– Cherie James
I was only thirteen myself when I started to become a kind of minder. It was instinctive for me to actually begin to protect him and that meant screening phone calls and, you know, being really firm with a lot of people who weren’t too appreciative of it. But Dad really did need that protecting, and he needed somebody to actually say “No, he’s too tired. He needs a bit of a break. He won’t do that show."
– Cherie James
All these characters lived in Billy, and were part of him. The reason people loved him so much is because whatever he did, it was true. It was true to his heart.
– Ian Mune, who directed Billy T in 1984 movie Came a Hot Friday