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Hero image for Bunga
I feel like it's such a sensitive topic, it should be confronting. It should challenge people, their perspectives, their ideologies. It should feel like it's one-on-one when you listen to it. Like someone is talking directly to you.
– MC SPYCC (Daniel Latu) on addressing issues upfront in 'Bunga', Newshub, 27 October 2019
Bunga, our only meetings are court proceedings, they only love us if its sports achievements / Siana, see a bungas what they call that, unless you scoring tries for the All Blacks then you Kiwi
– Rap collective SWIDT lay it on the line in 'Bunga'
'Bunga’ is fierce, meaningful and everything art should be ... [The lyrics] reflect the complexities of being Pasifika in Aotearoa: the intergenerational neglect and oppression from the state, the complicity and ambivalence of white New Zealand, the rage and energy of NZ-born Pasifika chasing the demons of colonisation.
– Music critic Tamsyn Matchett on 'Bunga', The Spinoff, 31 October 2019
For us, when we made our first album, a lot of it was based on our childhood. Then it moved to current stuff, and now it's more political — but it's not like we're doing it on purpose, we're just growing as people and as artists. You learn things every day. Things affect you differently one year than they did ten years ago.
– SWIDT member Jamal Muavae on the group's creative journey, Newshub, 27 October 2019
I feel like it's not a song to just play. It's a visual piece.
– SWIDT member SPYCC (Daniel Latu) on why 'Bunga' didn't get a Spotify release, Newshub, 27 October 2017
... the whole thing reeks of pent up anger and frustration in the absolute best way ... And here's the most impressive part: this isn't even a single. This is just a statement of intent from the hip-hop collective, ahead of highly-anticipated new music on the way.
– NZ Herald writer Siena Yates, 23 Ootober 2019