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Hero image for Burying Brian - First Episode

Burying Brian - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2008

I've told him so many times to close the fridge properly!
– Jodie (Jodie Dorday) on her husband Brian (Shane Cortese)
The F900R [camera] was breathtaking with its characteristic of seeing into the dark. I immediately thought of time savings in terms of lighting for set-ups I could achieve. I have always believed the faster I work, the more time I and everyone else have to play.
– Director of Photography Wayne Vinten on using a Sony F900R HD Camera, to Onfilm magazine, July 2008, page 15
Still, Brian is very slick, and like four overdressed lunatics with a body to dispose of, it moves right along. If the acting is cartoonish, at least it matches everything else. The best way to look at the series is as a sort of post-feminist parable. Poor old Brian is the author of his own demise, slipping in a gender-war wet patch of his own creation to fall on the shattered bong of his inadequacies as a husband and father.
– Diana Wichtel, reviewing Burying Brian in the Listener, 12 July 2008
...I’m always dissatisfied with everything I write, so for me it would be the line between keeping it intriguing, without over explaining but not confusing the audience. And being funny. And moving. And wanting to rewrite everything!
– Writer Gavin Strawhan on the challenges of working on the show, to Onfilm magazine, July 2008, page 14