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Chef on a Mission - Maui Gas Field

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2011

In the sixth episode of the roving chef reality series, Auckland chef Simon Gault faces tough critics as he plans a four-course meal for 40 men, who work 56 kilometres offshore on gas platform Maui A. Before setting foot on the platform Gault takes a series of survival tests and a medical in New Plymouth. The minute the helicopter lands he's given a taste of some of the constant maintenance jobs required in such a harsh environment. Gault works hard to impress a team who live and work on the platform for 14-day stretches and are so well looked after one employee describes their meals as "Christmas every day, bro". 

I've survived the pool training, I've passed the medical, the build-up's been intense, but I'm clear for take off and good to go...next stop Maui.
– Simon Gault prepares to board a chopper and head to Maui A platform

Key Cast & Crew

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Vaughan Bayer


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Kristin Leys


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Nathan Hickey


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Simon Gault


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Darryl McEwen

Director, Executive Producer

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Jacob Bryant

Camera Operator

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