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Intrepid Journeys - Turkey and Iran (Simon Gault)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2011

Chef Simon Gault ventures across northern Turkey and into Iran for culture, sights and food in this episode of Intrepid Journeys. Ramadan is in full swing, a holy month of fasting and prayer, which makes early breakfasts a cherished event. In Amasya, an ancient and holy Turkish city, a bathhouse (hammam) proves to be "a frightening experience". After a day of quail hunting, Gault crosses the border into Iran expecting danger, but instead meets friendly and welcoming locals — and a home-cooked feast. The food fanatic's persistence earns him a taste of illegal Iranian caviar. 

When I found out I was going to Iran, I was excited but I had this picture in my mind that it's kinda like what you see on the movies. But it's so not the case: the people are genuine, friendly — it's what us Kiwis love, is people like that.
– Presenter Simon Gault at the end of this episode

Key Cast & Crew

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Simon Gault


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Jane Andrews

Director, Executive Producer

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Bevan Crothers


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Kathryn Graham

Network Executive

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Melanie Rakena

Executive Producer

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Dot Kyle

Production Manager

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