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Chimney Book

Short Film (Full Length) – 2011

Chimney Book takes rubble from the Christchurch earthquake, and turns it into the building blocks of a film exploring life in the quake zone. Christchurch musician Blair Parkes took bricks from his chimney — destroyed in the 22 February 2011 aftershocks — painted a letter or symbol on each, then scanned them into his computer. Sound and word form the spine of the result, which is part diary, part experimental film. Parkes explores his experiences of living in Christchurch since the quake through words like 'dust', 'memory', 'place', and a question: 'is it over?'

Most of the time I try not to write about earthquakes. I need to think about other things. Little bits of earthquake stuff sneak in. I’m not too strict.
– Blair Parkes

Key Cast & Crew

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Blair Parkes

Director, Writer, Composer

Produced by

Blair Parkes