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Hero image for Christine Hellyar - Artist and Naturalist

Christine Hellyar - Artist and Naturalist

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

This profile of Taranaki based multimedia artist Christine Hellyar was made for Artsville, a lon-running documentary series showcasing New Zealand artists and their work. Hellyar uses metals, latex and 'ready-mades' (already existing objects) in her art practice, as well as more traditional forms like ink, charcoal, paints and dyes. Hellyar narrates the documentary, revealing her deep connection with New Zealand landscapes and her desire to "transform" domestic spaces into something "more powerful and beautiful". She also discusses her controversial 1972 latex sculpture Country Clothesline.

I love bronze. The process is so magical and I like art that has a bit of magical mystery in it, and it's not instant...I like the fact that there's so many parts to the process and when you see people doing it, it's so timeless...
– Artist Christine Hellyar on making her bronze sculptures

Produced by

Bates Productions