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Hero image for Chronesthesia


Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2016

It was ten times funnier and beautiful than I could’ve imagined. Lyndee-Jane [Rutherford] was hilarious! A director of theatre, she got the vibe of the scene and went to town on it. Me and Simeon [Duncombe, Chronesthesia's cinematographer] watched the footage when we got home and collapsed into tears. Every take is golden.
– Director Hayden J Weale describes how a bad shooting day turned into a good one, on his website
I reasoned the only actor willing to work every weekend over four months for no money (and leap into a freezing cold ocean), would be myself.
– Writer/director Hayden J Weal on taking one of the main acting roles, in a press release for the film
The film that we watch now is so different to the films we watched separately in our own heads before we finished it. It’s better. We are really happy with how it turned out.
– Director Hayden J Weal, in a Residents interview with Weal and cinematographer Simeon Duncan, 3 August 2016
...utterly unique ... [a] dreamy and charmingly off-kilter tangle of multiple love stories lost and found. Director [Hayden J] Weal also wrote, edited, and stars as Dan, an extremely introverted Wellington barista who suddenly starts finding disconcerting messages from the future (maybe) written on his bedroom window one day ...relative newcomer Michelle Ny is wonderfully raw and relatable as Sophia, the soulful extrovert who becomes swept up in possible-crazyman Dan’s increasingly frantic search for the truth, past, present, and future.
– Austin Chronicle reviewer Marc Savlov, 18 October 2016