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Chunuk Bair Film (Excerpts) – 1991 Adaptation Drama War

Chunuk Bair

Film (Excerpts) – 1991 Adaptation Drama War

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And it doesn’t fudge on attributing blame – to the incompetence of British generals – for the blundering that saw 700 New Zealand lives lost… Fortunately it’s boosted by two very strong lead performances, from Kevin J Wilson and [UK actor] Robert Powell.
– Reviewer Mark Knowles in The Dominion Sunday Times, 5 April 1992
We’re going to make it worth it Sergeant Major. And that is an order!
– Colonel Malone (Kevin J Wilson) to a sceptical Sergeant Major South (Robert Powell)
Filmed on the coastal hills of Wellington on a modest budget, Chunuk Bair is more a confined chamber piece than an epic, but Bradley uses this to his advantage to create claustrophobia. It is war in close-up. [...] Like End of the Golden Weather, Angel at My Table and Mauri it is compulsory viewing if we are to begin to understand ourselves as a nation.
– Reviewer Mark Tierney in The Listener, 6 April 1992