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Hero image for Consent - The Louise Nicholas Story

Consent - The Louise Nicholas Story

Television (Excerpts) – 2014

I don't want anybody else to go through what I did. One of my greatest lessons has been that these are individuals who hurt me, not an organisation. I am also pleased that it didn't turn into police-bashing, for me it was important that that didn't happen.
– Louise Nicholas, NZ Herald, 10 August 2014
One of the unique things for me was while Fiona [Samuel] was working on the shooting draft [of the script] this time last year and providing me with scenes from the film, I was making up a massive 1200 page legal documentation of every single fact and line in the film.
– Director Rob Sarkies on covering any legal pitfalls before filming Consent, The Dominion Post, 14 August 2014
The telemovie follows Nicholas as [police officer] Dewar obstructs justice at trials, through years of failure to be heard until help from journalist Phil Kitchin. Five trials and 20 years later, Nicholas' testimony led to the Commission of Inquiry into police conduct, which resulted in the damning 2007 Bazley Report.
– Summary of Louise Nicholas's battle to be heard by the justice system, NZ Herald, 10 August 2014