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Fistfull of Crime

Short Film (Full Length) – 2011

In this striking and surrealistic animated short, a hard-nosed detective elicits a shocking  and bizarre  confession from a murder suspect. All the while the detective is being haunted by the ghost of his mother in the form of a psychedelic skull, before an unexpected entity pops up to sing a catchy theme song. It was the second time the Avatards team delivered a warped dark comedy to 48Hours, giving the filmmaking contest an injection of raw and jittery originality. Directors Wade Cowin and Kris Hermansson went on to create offbeat animated series Yap Trap. Warning: content may cause offence, or exhaustion.

This wild and mostly inappropriate film should have a seizure warning or a warning of some kind. It’s flashy and colourful animation stands out in a crowd. This film embodies a well-loved subgenre of 48Hours — Incredibly Strange, and 'Ghost Mother' (right at the end) is the most catchy song that has come out of 48Hours.
– 48Hours national managers Ness Patea and Ruth Korver on why Fistfull of Crime is one of their favourite 48Hours films

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Kris Hermannson

Kris Hermannson

Writer, Co-Director, Actor

Generic Profile image for Wade Cowin

Wade Cowin

Animator, Co-Director, Actor

Generic Profile image for Hadley Donaldson

Hadley Donaldson

Animator, Actor

Generic Profile image for Steve Le Marquand

Steve Le Marquand

Composer, Sound Design , Actor

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Produced by

The Avatards


The Avatards