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Hero image for Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid

Film (Trailer) – 2020

That was some crazy, superstar shit that we were experiencing.
– Hip hop artist Mareko remembers Dawn Raid label at its height
[Oscar Kightley] says above all else the movie is a story of rebirth. "Of a culture, a people, an art form. And of the legacy that rebirth has left behind".
– Dawn Raid director Oscar Kightley in an interview with Newshub, 27 October 2020
Everything that we had worked for was slipping through our fingers...
– Hip hop artist Savage on the demise of Dawn Raid Entertainment
Oscar Kightley's inspiring hip-hop documentary proves Kiwis can hustle with the best of them. With a firm grasp on the history of Dawn Raid Entertainment, the director prioritises narrative and character to give the film rhythm, tempo, and volume ... Brotha D and Andy are fascinating individuals who will make you laugh loudly and listen intently. We see this dynamic duo at their most opportunistic and their most naive.
– Regional News critic Sam Hollis in a four star review, 16 February 2021, page 31