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Hero image for Descent from Disaster - Strongman Mine Disaster

Descent from Disaster - Strongman Mine Disaster

Television (Excerpts) – 2013

They all worked together, played together and in the end, died together, so I guess it was appropriate they were buried together. But when you think about the individual families it wasn't a community thing. It was something very personal.
– Leigh Hart, on the mass grave in which the miners were buried
I grabbed a mine's rescue set, threw it over me shoulder and walked towards the mine mouth. There were three officials standing there and they said `you're not going in'. I said `get out of the way, or I'll go right over the top of ya'. They tried to stop me, but I wouldn't stop.
– Mick O'Donnell recalls what he did after the explosion, in a 13 May 2012 Sunday Star-Times interview