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Dislawderly - Series One Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017 Drama Comedy

Dislawderly - Series One

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017 Drama Comedy

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Actor and law student Georgia Rippin mined her own experience to create this web series, a tragicomic portrait of a young woman at Auckland University. Rippen plays Audrey, whose misadventures span exam stress, boyfriend angst, anxiety, and sexism in the legal world. In 2017 The NZ Herald rated Dislawderly among the best new local web series; Karl Puschmann praised the amount of satire squeezed into the short running time, saying that each of season one's seven episodes "features a couple of genuine lols and offers a new spin on the classic style of cringe comedy." 

Key Cast & Crew

Marina Mersi

Cinematographer, Editor, Producer

Caitlin Lynch

Director, Producer

Georgia Rippin

Producer, As: Audrey, Writer

The words 'lawyer' and 'funny' don't usually go together but this brand new, seven-part web series could change all that.
– Karl Puschmann in The NZ Herald, 1 July 2017

Produced by

Girls Don't Sleep


Girls Don't Sleep


Opening music taken from the song 'Catastrophe' by Yumi Zouma

Series one also features Yumi Zouma's 'Short Truth', 'Riquelme', 'A Long Walk Home for Parted Lovers', and 'Keep It Close to Me'; Slo Mo' and 'Person's' by ONONO; 'Frankenstein' by Randa