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Bungay on Crime - A Ferry Tale

Television (Full Length) – 1992

The disappearance of American tourist Milton Harris became one of New Zealand’s most bizarre insurance frauds. Barrister and QC Mike Bungay examines this curious case over two episodes, in his series exploring notable crime investigations. Part one focuses on Harris’ apparent loss overboard from the Cook Strait ferry, and strange events during his downunder trip which aroused the suspicions of Lloyds — who faced a multi-million dollar claim. Part two reveals how Harris staged his apparent loss at sea, the new life he built in West Auckland and how he was found out (complete with suspected parcel bomb and postal fraud). Part two also includes an interview with Milton Harris, the man himself. 

You’ve got to get the best out of the person. Cross-examining in court, you’re trying to get the worst out of people. So I had to pull it back a hell of a lot.
– Mike Bungay on the difference between court work and television, The Listener, 17 October 1992

Key Cast & Crew

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Mike Bennett


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David Copeland


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Neil Harris

As: Nicholas Dibble

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Mary Glue

Producer, Writer, Research

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Wayne Vinten


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Dave Gibson


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