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Short Film (Full Length) – 2014


George (played by Byron Coll from web series Woodville) is at rock bottom, and luck isn't on his side. The day he didn't plan to go through with gets even weirder when his own reflection turns its back on him. George heads into mysterious waters, and hauls up his doppelganger. Writer/director Matthew J Saville (Juniper) found inspiration for his darkly comical short film in surrealist painting 'La Reproduction Interdite' (Not to be Reproduced),by Belgian artist René Magritte. The result took away Best Screenplay and Best Film at Kiwi festival Show Me Shorts in 2014. 

...I decided that any elements of horror, comedy and drama had to come naturally from the kernel of the idea. The film does not have imposing sound design to tell the audience how to feel or think, and I made a conscious decision to shoot it as ‘in camera’ as possible, avoiding unnecessary visual effects, and keep the set design as mundane as possible to make the world of the story believable. The result in my mind is a dark surrealist comedy or fantasy that lives in the real world.
– Writer/director Matthew J Saville on film Dive, in the film's press kit

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