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Hero image for Doubt: The Scott Watson Case

Doubt: The Scott Watson Case

Television (Excerpts) – 2016

Public opinion and the media played a huge role in Scott's conviction. It may just be that public opinion and the media are what it takes to get it overturned.
– Vice journalist Frances Morton, in an article on Doubt: The Scott Watson Case, 30 September 2016
I believe that the conviction of Scott Watson for the murder of Ben and Olivia is a miscarriage of justice case. I'm not saying that the Crown stitched him up. I don't know whether in reality he killed Ben and Olivia, and I'm not saying the defence did a bad job. The Scott Watson conviction is a miscarriage because the investigation and the trial was unfair.
– Chris Gallavin outlines his thesis at the start of the documentary
I covered the story for TV3 from the very beginning to the very end and was one of the 13 journalists on the media bench who sat through the entire trial. It took three months to present and test the evidence .... while the jury deliberated, we conducted an anonymous poll of the media bench. Twelve of us believed Watson was guilty, one wasn’t convinced.
– Journalist Andi Brotherston, Newsroom website, 4 January 2020
Mr Watson's conviction by a jury is based on consideration of all the evidence, not just individual pieces of the picture ... [The] Police is unable to publicly re-litigate selective aspects of a historic investigation....
– Part of the NZ Police response to Doubt: The Scott Watson Case