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Hero image for Murder on the Blade?

Murder on the Blade?

Television (Excerpts) – 2003

Subtitled A Journalist's View, this award-winning documentary makes the case that Scott Watson shouldn't have been imprisoned for murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope — because he couldn't have done it. Returning to Endeavour Inlet, veteran director Keith Hunter talks to witnesses, and argues the prosecution fumbled vital details of the murderer's yacht and description, then advanced a new theory without evidence to back it. Hunter went on to write 2007 book Trial by Trickery, further critiquing what he calls “New Zealand's most blatantly dishonest prosecution”.

It was also the first time a subject like this had been treated on New Zealand television as the filmmaker’s personal point of view, and it took a deep breath by TVNZ to agree to it. But there was little choice. Point of view or no film.
– Keith Hunter, on his website