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E Tipu e Rea - Variations on a Theme Television (Full Length) – 1989 Drama Māori

E Tipu e Rea - Variations on a Theme

Television (Full Length) – 1989 Drama Māori

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In a nod to his theatre training, Whale Rider actor Rawiri Paratene (then better known as a presenter on Play School) unveils three stories to a marae audience. A bored schoolboy (Faifua Amiga) banters with a sarcastic teacher; a musical number features a prostitute (Rena Owen) and her client; and a young girl and her grandfather prepare and wait for the body of her father at the pā. This was the first screen drama directed by Don Selwyn, who argued "what Rawiri is saying in his script is that there are lots of things Māori which are left out of the education system." 

Pahi the Pig Hunting Prince they call him, up at Tinopai where he lives. Lucky bugger. Wish I was up there now chasing pigs with him and his kurī instead of sitting here listening to bleary O'Leary bleating on about blimmin' angles.
– Tuku (Faifua Amiga)

Produced by

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Te Manuka Film Trust


Made with funding from Te Manuka Film Trust, in association with Television New Zealand and the NZ Film Commission

Dedicated to Rati and Bo Broughton


Music by Dennis Mason. Vocals by Taisha Kuhtze. Lyrics by Rawiri Paratene.

Features 'Long Ago' performed by Herbs