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Hero image for Encounter - What Happens When You've Run to the Top (Peter Snell & John Walker)

Encounter - What Happens When You've Run to the Top (Peter Snell & John Walker)

Television (Full Length) – 1976

You’ve got to have a hero and I think everybody has a hero in their life, and mine was Peter Snell. And he still is really...
– John Walker, on Peter Snell
It is an example of the thinking of a guy who was in a particular situation at that particular time. The thing is, that you change…
– Peter Snell talks about his 1965 book No Bugles No Drums
It’s quite probable that you think along the same lines because you’ve got the same problem of performing, you've got the same sort of pressures and things that applied as far as I was concerned. But then, later on, the picture shifts.
– Peter Snell reacts to John Walker's praise of his book No Bugles No Drums
I'm very competitive with myself. If I was to go out and have a game of darts with you now, I’d try and smash you (laughter).
– John Walker, on his competitive instinct
As a result of my experience here, I’m wondering that If I didn’t waste so much time on the sports field when I was at high school and I really did well academically, I may have recognised my ability to achieve in that area, and of course wouldn’t have played sport.
– Peter Snell remembers high school in New Zealand, and reflects on destiny