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Hero image for Exit to the City

Exit to the City

The D4 , Music Video – 2001

from the album 6twenty (2001)

Four Mitsubishi Mirages, and a Moving Van

I shot the clips for the two D4 songs 'Party' and 'Exit To The City' in the same weekend.

It went like this — I wanted the clips to the two songs to be linked, and I wanted the band in a demolition derby at Waikaraka Park speedway. I bought four red Mitsubishi Mirages, and painted each band member's names on them. They raced along with other competitors, and I filmed it all on my Bolex camera for 'Party'. 'Exit To The City' was also going to be shot at the track, but it was raining on the day.

We had this van that we used for all the gear, and I decided they should play in the back of that "on the way to the track" instead. So we set it up with egg cartons, bolted the camera in right at the rear of the van, instructed the driver to take the corners "as hard as she could", and told the band — "this might be rough". It was rough.

If you look closely you might see [bass player] Vaughn fall over and smash his guitar stock into [guitar/vocalist] Dion's head.

I just happened to have the 'applause' card with me and chucked it up at the end.

- Director Greg Page to writer James Coleman, March 2009