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Eyewitness News - Bob Jones punches reporter Rod Vaughan

Television (Excerpts) – 1985

As we arrived overhead he left the river, and we landed on the river bank. But before we could speak to him, Mr Jones ran out of the trees and towards the camera.
– Reporter Rod Vaughan, during his famously bloodsoaked piece to camera directly after the incident
Piss off!
– Voice on soundtrack
Stories were thin on the ground, so when news editor Paul Cutler called me over and suggested I track down Bob Jones for a quick interview about his decision to effectively disband the New Zealand Party it seemed like a great idea.
– Rod Vaughan, in his 2012 book Bloodied But Not Beaten, page 11
[Bob Jones] ... was attempting to wrest the camera from Peter Mayo who was clutching on to it for dear life. He then delivered a punch to the side of Peter's head which sent the cameraman sprawling on his back but thankfully still retaining his hold on the camera and recording the entire proceedings.
– Rod Vaughan describes events just before he received a "king hit", in his 2012 book Bloodied But Not Beaten, page 14

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