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Hero image for Eyewitness News - John Clarke interview

Eyewitness News - John Clarke interview

Television (Full Length) – 1989

If it works, don't fix it.
– A piece of creative advice from satirist and actor John Clarke
He's always there...I do something very Fred Dagg-ish from time to time.
– Satirist John Clarke interviewed in Melbourne in 1989
Ah yeah, gidday how're you doing, alright? That's the story.
– Legendary 'Fred Dagg' greeting
This is a complex metaphor, but bear with me. New Zealand has left the table, there's a chair there for New Zealand at the table, it's been vacated because they've left the table but they will come back hopefully and resume their chair at the table and everybody will be at the table.
– 'American diplomat' (John Clarke) explains the 'relationship' between New Zealand and its ANZUS partners
Well hello Lindsay and I'm glad to see you've got steady work.
– John Clarke has fun with former TVNZ colleague and Eyewitness News presenter Lindsay Perigo