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Hero image for Facelift - Best of 2004

Facelift - Best of 2004

Television (Full Length) – 2004, so, so, so, so, so, so where are you getting married?
– Paul Holmes (Grant Walker) quizzes Jonah Lomu's kidney
He also looks after Chris Cairns' knee, Shane Bond's back and just recently he took on Richie McCaw's brain...
– Jonah Lomu's kidney talks to Paul Holmes (Grant Walker) about his new agent
I couldn't possibly Paul. I mean you're a lovely, lovely man.
– John Campbell (Cohen Holloway) can't face punching boxing rival Paul Holmes (Grant Walker)
We wanted to evolve the whole Public Eye concept, which was those great big rubbery puppets they had back in the 80s, and see if we could achieve caricatures that had real human eyes and which could move around in a real environment.
– Facelift producer Chris Ellis, in an interview with the NZ Herald, 1 July 2004
...Grant Walker who plays Murray Deaker and Paul Holmes, he's so good at those characters, it's just hilarious.
– Cohen Holloway on fellow Facelift cast member Grant Walker, The Listener, 6 August 2004