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Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018

Named after the high fashion magazine, voguing is a dance style whose movements are based on high fashion poses. Launched on its own website, FAFSWAG offers a window into Aotearoa's vogue scene, introducing local voguers Envy, Fang, Jaycee Baby, Khaos and Tamatoa. Fang talks about the freedoms found in vogue, and Khaos the ability to find oneself through fashion. Jaycee Baby discusses ideas of gender conformity and her own journey of transition, while Tamatoa describes his experiences on the spectrum of gender and it’s expression through art. FAFSWAG features dance battles alongside the interviews. 

That’s what I like about the vogue world scene: everyone knows who they are and if they don’t it’s a space for them to figure it out.
– Jaycee Baby

Key Cast & Crew

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Darryl Ward


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Morgan Waru


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Jermaine Dean (aka Khaos)

Subject, Composer

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Tim Checkley (aka Jizmatron)


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Dan Kircher


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Tanu Gago

Director, Editor

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