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Flare - A Ski Trip Short Film (Full Length) – 1977 Documentary

Flare - A Ski Trip

Short Film (Full Length) – 1977 Documentary

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Man we have a lot to thank snowboarding for, don't think I have seen anything gayer... ever


Peter 30 Jun 2014 - 09.36pm

Hey they spelled my name wrong! What a great time that was in NZ 1976,,, I'm still living in Chamonix and skiing all winter, If any of you are passing through look me up,,,, ski ya later Gary Bigham

gary bigham

gary bigham 8 Oct 2010 - 10.18pm

The American is my buddy Gary Bigham.

He's from Detroit originally. Monroc, Chamonix Valley is is home nowadays.


Bob 7 Oct 2010 - 06.47am

brill - can't believe it was 20 years ago that I worked at hutt - look at it 13 years earlier - no new skool one turn heros could ski crud like that

Benson (mount hutt 1990-93)

jonathan hedges

jonathan hedges 20 Aug 2010 - 10.47pm

Loved this film. This must be the film that gave them the idea to film Hot Tub Time Machine. I remember watching skiers of this caliber in the 70's and thinking what they are really good. What a difference in the caliber of good skiing then, verus now, 2010.


Pete 3 Jul 2010 - 04.43pm

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