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From the Ocean to the Sky Film (Excerpts) – 1979 Documentary

From the Ocean to the Sky

Film (Excerpts) – 1979 Documentary

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It was a sort of dream that Ed had had for a long time: the idea of going all the way up a river from the ocean and finishing up on the top of a mountain. It was quite an appealing sort of idea, and I think when he suddenly realised that he could do it in an indigenous New Zealand machine — the jet boat — that it really struck on.
– Graeme Dingle, in 1989 documentary Magic Kiwis - Sir Edmund Hillary
All India Radio was reporting our progress and we found people lined the banks to watch us pass and perhaps share vicariously in the blessing of our pilgrimage ... at Nawbadwip, a crowd that had swelled to 30,000 surged round a dais protected by a bamboo wall.
– Sir Edmund Hillary, in his 1999 memoir View from the Summit, page 305
This is a story of a journey up the Ganges, the sacred river of India; a journey that had its beginnings 25 years ago at the top of the highest mountain on earth.
– Narrator Ian Johnstone