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Hero image for Frontseat - Series One, Episode 14

Frontseat - Series One, Episode 14

Television (Full Length) – 2004

Even in the decay of an older Italian city like Naples or Palermo or wherever, there still is something just physically beautiful … the centres of all of the towns are intact. You don’t get big, ugly, tasteless, cheap shit in the middle of those cities or villages or hamlets … What I resent — not resent — despise, is a place like Blenheim … I think if you’re surrounded by that it has to change you.
– Cinematographer Michael Seresin compares Italy with Blenheim
We have a very violent side, and quite a dark side, which does manifest itself in some painting and literature etcetera, which I think comes from loneliness. It’s quite a lonely, soulless sort of nation. That’ll upset a a lot of people, but so be it.
– Michael Seresin on New Zealand