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Hero image for Frontseat - Series One, Episode 14

Frontseat - Series One, Episode 14

Television (Full Length) – 2004

In this early, Edinburgh-centric episode of arts show Frontseat, Flight of the Conchords return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a sellout third season — although they argue the new show is “a shambles”. Also present at the fest are an array of Kiwi technicians, performers, and arts programmers. Meanwhile in his Marlborough vineyard, globetrotting cinematographer Michael Seresin critiques Kiwi society and its ugly towns, and calls New Zealand a “lonely, soulless sort of nation”. Also on offer: Artist Phil Dadson in Antarctica, and award-winning dancer Ross McCormack.

Even in the decay of an older Italian city like Naples or Palermo or wherever, there still is something just physically beautiful … the centres of all of the towns are intact. You don’t get big, ugly, tasteless, cheap shit in the middle of those cities or villages or hamlets … What I resent — not resent — despise, is a place like Blenheim … I think if you’re surrounded by that it has to change you.
– Cinematographer Michael Seresin compares Italy with Blenheim